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Still haven't received payment

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Christine T Member Since: Apr 12, 2014
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Hi. I'm new to oDesk and I received my first job offer (fixed-rate) about 2 and a half weeks ago. I was able to fulfill my job and submitted it to my employer last april 9th. We had normal message communication all throughout while I was doing my job, but ever since I submitted my work, I have repeatedly sent him messages asking for a milestone approval then for payment, but he hasn't replied back at all. I have looked at his profile and he is not new to oDesk nor was this his first job offer. I was thinking of contacting the other free lancers he had hired (there were 28 of us according to his posting) and ask if they had received payment already, but I didn't know which ones to contact. I was wondering if there's anything else I have to do or can do in order to get paid? Thank you.
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S. M. Imran J Member Since: Apr 21, 2014
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Same thing happened to me. I was hired by two employers. I delivered the task and then are no more responding. They haven't paid even.
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Elaine G Member Since: Apr 20, 2014
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Sorry it happened, thats the risk of fixed-rate contracts. What I did was ask Odesk support to assist in sending a reminder email to the client, Odesk support was every helpful with swift response. Before I agreed to Odesk's suggestion, thankfully the client (with good previous reviews) had mistook my payment with another freelancer thus resolved beforehand. Hope you'll be paid soon else, move on with hourly despite how difficult it is competing with others.