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Still struggling with freelancer profile

Hello, I've got two questions if any of you can help me, like Goran, as example.


I'm still struggling with my Freelancer profile. I worked for months with live chat (fantastic guys and team, especially **Edited for Community Guidelines** that I thank so much!).


Can you tell me something about my profile? because I think it will never be accepted, a kind of auto rejection loop, whatever I write, exams I take and resumes I include. Is it possible to have a manual review? Live chat guys tell me the profile is 100% complete and ready to be accepted, but the auto rejection auto rejects me any time.


Second thing is about the live chat, I can't anymore use it and talk with **Edited for Community Guidelines** . This is a real problem because we worked together so much time on the profile.


My freelancer profile is: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~012288c4b91dd839ca



thank you so much




Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Manuel,

I`m sorry to hear that your application was not accepted, I can also see that our team has already advise you regarding your freelancer profile on your ticket.

Feel free to resubmit it in the future and our team will review it again, but please keep in mind that only a small percentage of freelancers have their registration accepted upon resubmission. We accept new freelancers based on the demand in the marketplace, which varies over months (not days). Having a complete profile helps our team to determine if there is a sufficient demand for your skills and experience, but does not guarantee admittance. Thank you.

~ Goran

thanks Goran, and about the issue with the live chat option?

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