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Stop Harassing Freelancers

From news articles, BBB complaints, and personal accounts I have noticed the Upwork Trust & Saftey team becoming more active. While I completely understand the need for security, the team is acting recklessly and impacting freelancers and their clients during the worst time.


Yesterday I qualified to become a Top-rated freelancer. I have been freelancing for a few years prior to joining this platform. Just within this month, I have been suspended three times to resubmit identify verification on April 2, April 7 and today April 21st. The April 7th suspension was just resolved this week and this morning Upwork decided to suspend me again until completing video verification. Thankfully I was unsuspended within a few minutes this time around.


Unfortunately, other freelancers are waiting more than a week for a response from Upwork. I experienced this with the Apr 7th suspension and saw the effects on my account.

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 8.05.06 AM.png


These suspensions are affecting both freelancers and clients. Please share your stories and suggestions below. This practice needs to be addressed by Upwork.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi John,


I'm sorry about the account holds you experienced recently and the frustration they created. I'll take a closer look and follow up with an update soon.


**As an update, I've asked one of our team members to reach out to you directly and provide more information, since we can't share account-specific details in the Community. We appreciate your report and we'll share your experience with our dedicated team, as we are always looking to further improve our processes and the experience we provide our users.

~ Vladimir
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