Strange Contract

I applied to and supposedly received a job with a client several days ago. When I was told I was hired the client asked me for personal contact information (they said it was for paperwork.) I then received a contract document (not an oDesk contract) from the client's lawyer. Reading through, it seemed reasonable, but I have strong reservations about signing something that is not through oDesk. Has anyone had a similar experience? Should I report this or just dump it?

I've signed contracts and NDA agreements before without any problem. The contracts I've signed typically state deadlines, what I'll do, what they'll do, etc. If you've read the contract and think it's fine (and you think the company is reputable) then it shouldn't be a problem. Don't give up a good job simply because you have to sign a contract (especially if you think the contract is okay)

I've been here for a while, and I have never had to give out any personal information. The only contract I have signed is a non-disclosure. I would contact customer service to see if signing it would be necessary, just to be safe.
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