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Strange Job Postings

Has anyone else noticed an increase in inappropriate job postings? Just in the past week, I've seen at least 10 job posts that were ads for freelancers (instead of clients), were way outside the category (like someone looking for a position as a housekeeper in the editing/writing space), and several posts that were just random letters that made no sense at all. 


I've been working with UpWork for several years, and I've never seen this before. I was wondering if something changed to allow these to come in.


Hi Kristy,


We count on your help and diligence to make the Upwork experience as safe as possible. If you see a violation of the Upwork Terms of Service, we encourage you to report it. You can report any suspicious activity in freelance profiles, portfolios, job postings, or the Upwork Message Center. Here's how to send a flag.



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