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Strange client's behavior

Hi there,


Recently I was hired on a job. I talked over skype with my new client. On Upwork he posted an hourley job but on skype meeting he told me he'll pay $200 USD but still he hired my on hourley job and told me he'll discuss about payment later (So I'm not allowed to track time). I told him to change the job onto fixed and diposite milestone but he didn't. Later he told me he'll pay me a little on upwork and rest payment will make on my personal accound (payPal) but I told him I want to get my payment on Upwork. After the task started he is adding more and more requirment. Now I feel I don't want to work on this project anymore. I want to end the contract. Will it effect on my success rate. (Currently I've 96% success rate and 65% long term client. I want to keep good stats of my profile). What I can do not? Please suggest me.


Thanks in advance.





MD al Amin,


This client is in serious violation of Upwork's terms and conditions. You must not work for him/her (because you will be scammed). Take screenshots of the advertised job and if possible, of any written conversations and report him or her to customer services.


Do report it as soon as you can.

You should proceed with Nichola's plan as there has been major violations. Did you log time to the account?
---- easy like Sunday morning ----

Yes, report him and printscreen where the client offer to pay you with paypal (this is a win situation for you). Support will close this contract and the client will not have the possibility to give you feedback.


If you don't bill any hours and end the contract, I don't think it'll heavily impact your score. Don't continue to work for this client. 

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