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Stuck in a rut - advice needed (cover letters)

Well, it's been after a long time, that I have come back to freelancing here and I noticed something by my cover letters when sending proposals - they all tend to use one pattern. 
They look like that (my word variations written in parentheses):




as an experienced (seasoned) English-Hungarian translator, I would be glad to help (assist) you with your project.

I can guarantee impeccable (flawless) Hungarian grammar and spelling in the final results.
Please, contact me with confidence - thank you in advance!

Best regards,

I usually bid on translation jobs and sometimes Hungarian voiceovers. 
Can anyone please give me some advice, how could I improve the letter above? Maybe to be more informative/interesting/eye-catching? 
I have been on Upwork for 3+ years now, but now I am just stuck in there - and it shows in the number of replies to sent proposals.

Thank you very much!

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Thank you, Margaret. I have been kindly asking for advice, not a review per se. 

Guess I made a mistake by including the current text of my cover letters.

Secondly, it's been indeed a long time (for me).







I don't use cover letters.  I write original proposals for each RFP.  You might do that.  It lets people know you have read their RFP and you should win more work that way.  They would like that as they get spammed by lots of people.  Some freelancers have even written computer programmers to put proposals automatically.  (I wrote one to search for jobs so that I do not have to use the limited Upwork search interface.)





Thank you for your insights, Walker. I understand that it's better to write original proposals to each job, according to the certain client's needs. 
I just have this pattern stuck in my mind and seemingly cannot break away from it. Strange, but true.

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