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Hi I’m Robert, I’m 29, 5’10”, about 185 lbs, Muscular body but not extremely cut. I inherited my grandparents house a few years ago, I wasn’t sure if I was going to sell it or if I was going to keep it. I let the house sit until about a year ago. I decided to move back to my hometown after life basically slapped me in the face https://www.gaypornmoviestube.com .

It had been several years since I’ve been back to my hometown, I didn’t know what to expect when I moved back since I really haven’t stepped foot in this town since I graduated high school. Once I arrived back at my hometown I noticed that the town really hasn’t changed much. I noticed a new water tower, a new school but everything else was the same. What did I even expect from a small town, nothing is going to change in a small town.

I got to my grandparents house, I looked around to see what I was going to have to deal with now that I was here. I didn’t know what kind of shape the house was going to be in when I got here but overall the house looked the same. I stood in the driveway looking at the house just thinking about the past, my grandparents, family getting together and everything else that could possibly come back with this property.

As I was standing there looking at the house in the driveway, I heard a group of girls giggling. I start looking around and I see a group of girls standing back on the road, looking at me and giggling into their hands covering their mouths like a group of school girls. At this point I smile at them and wave. They all waved back and started to walk away giggling. I was thinking to myself that was weird, and went back to looking at the house.

After a week of me being back at my grandparents house and me feeling settled down with being back at my hometown, I decided that it was time to start cleaning up the house and the yard to make the house more like mine. Once I started to start cleaning up the house, I started with the interior of the house. I started to remove a lot of my grandparents' things and was placing them in the garage just in case any of my family wanted anything.

As I was making a trip to the garage, I can see that someone was watching me from the road. I look down the driveway to see a girl standing there staring at me. At this point I wave at her and she waves back and I go back to work on what I was doing. Before I knew it I heard a female voice from behind me saying, “Hi, I’m Crystal.” I stop and turn around to see the same girl stand about 5 feet behind me. When I turned around I realized that this girl was one of the girls from the group of giggling school girls from a week ago.

I answered her back with, “Hi, I’m Robert, nice to meet you Crystal!” Now that she was standing right in front of me, I couldn’t help but look this girl over. As I’m looking her over, I notice that she is very gorgeous with a nice tan, breasts are about an upper A cup, maybe even a B cup, very petite, about 80 pounds and no more than 4’10”. As I’m looking Crystal over I realize that I kind of need to get my mind off her and stop looking at her body because I didn’t want to seem like a perv that just moved to town.

At this point I’m trying to figure what to do. I don’t know if she noticed me kind of freak out or what but she goes on to say, “So Robert, Did you just move to town or did you just come back to clean up this house?” I stuttered at first and I finally got out that I inherited my grandparents house and I was cleaning it up so I can live in it. After I said that Crystal got a big smile on her face and said “So you’re going to be my new neighbor?” When I heard her say new neighbor, I responded back with, “New Neighbor!”, all shocked! She answered me with, “Yeah, I live right across the alley right over there” and she pointed to her house. I answered back with, “Yeah, looks like we are new neighbors!” At that moment, I could see that her eyes lit up and got this big devilish smile on her face. Crystal goes on to say, “Well I will see you around then, I have to get home before my mom starts looking for me.” All I could do is say, “See you around”, as she turned around and started skipping down the driveway. In my mind all I can think to myself is, “God I’m in trouble now, this girl is going to be trouble https://thegaylivecam.com/ !”

As the week went on I really didn’t see Crystal at all even with me going in and out of the house as much as I was going to the garage removing my grandparents things from the house. I thought that maybe I was in the clear and maybe I was over thinking that Crystal was going to be a problem, that was until I ended up going to the store to get some things for the house.

When I enter one of the only stores in my hometown, guess who I run into as I turn down one of the aisles? Crystal but this time she was with a woman that was pushing a cart down the aisle. At that very moment Crystal shouts out, “Hi, Robert!” Crystal says it all excitedly and the woman she was with has this expression on her face as if she already knows about me. As I get closer, I say, “Hi, Crystal, How are you?” Crystal says, “I’m doing good. Robert, this is my mom, Celina!” I answer back with, “Hi Celina, It's nice to meet you!” Crystal mom answers, “Nice to meet you too, Robert! So you're the guy my daughter keeps talking about!” At the very moment Crystal tells her mom, “Shut up, Mom!”

Celina gives a smile and laughs a little and says, “So I hear you're our new neighbor?” I answer with, “Yeah, I just moved into my grandparents old house and I’m trying to fix it up.” Celina goes on to say, “ Yeah that what Crystal had told me, I was starting to wonder if that house was just going to sit there empty. I didn’t think anyone was ever going to move in!” I went, “Yeah, I understand what you mean, I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do with it after I inherited it, so I kinda just let it sit there until I could figure out what I was going to do. Celina says, “Well it's nice that the house isn’t sitting there empty now. Well it was nice to meet you Robert but Crystal and I need to get going, I hope to see you around!” I answer Celina with, “Nice to meet you too, Celina!” At this point I notice Crystal is blushing and she tells me, “Bye, Robert! See you later!”, I say, “Bye Crystal, see you around!”

As Crystal and her mom start to walk away, I could only think that now I know where Crystal gets her look from, her mother! Celina is gorgeous like her daughter, has the same sexy tan that Crystal has, she is about 5’, about 110 lbs with a nice petite figure and C cup breasts. At this point, I began to think moving back to my home town wasn’t a bad idea!

After a few days, I hadn’t seen Crystal or her mom around the neighborhood until I saw Crystal walking in front of the house as I was in the garage one morning. When Crystal sees me, she shouts out, “Hi, Robert!” and waves at me as she starts to run toward the garage! At this point I finally see what Crystal is wearing, she is wearing a spaghetti strap cropped top, no bra and with very short shorts. At this moment, I feel my **bleep** twitch within my pants and I start to think to myself, “Stay down boy!”

As Crystal runs into the garage, I go, “Hi, Crystal! What are you up too?” She answered me, “Nothing much, I’m just bored so I thought I would go for a walk!” I then asked her, “If you’re bored why doesn’t she go hang out with any of her friends?” She goes,”I would but none of them are at home.” I say, “I see, what about your mom?” She answers,” My mom is not home either, She went with my grandma to the next town over to do some shopping and they might be gone most of the day.” At this point I am starting to think that something is up and I tell her, “Why didn’t you go with them?” Crystal says, “No I hate going with them shopping, I would rather stay home than go with them!”

When I hear her say what she said, my mind starts to go into overdrive and I start to think to myself that this girl has something up her sleeves and you better watch out. I look at Crystal and I don’t know if I had a look on my face that I was nervous or what but she asks me, “What I was up too?” I say, “I was working on rearranging the garage because I was going to be getting a delivery within the next few days and I needed to make some room since I didn’t know what to do with the rest of my grandparents' things!”

At that moment Crystal goes, “If you don’t mind, can I stay and help you out?” Right then and there my mind got confused, I really didn’t feel comfortable with her being there at the house because of her age but also at the same point my mind was thinking that if she helped me out the faster I could get all of this done so I wouldn’t have to worry about it! So going against my gut, I decided to tell her, “Sure, you could help me out, that means I could get it done a lot sooner than I was expecting to get it done.” When I gave her my answer she got really excited and said, “Great! Now I won’t be bored at home and I promise you I will help you with anything you need help with!” With that she gave me that devilish smile she gave me the first time I met her and at that moment, I thought to myself, What have I done?

When we started to rearrange the garage, at first nothing really out of the ordinary was going on, so I kind of put my concerns to the side and just went to work with her. As we were moving things around in the garage I would catch her scent, all I could say is that she smelled of Vanilla and strawberries and every time I would get a whiff of her scent it was intoxifying, making my manhood swell up a little more each time. I looked over at Crystal and her straps to her cropped top were sliding down her shoulders, onto her arms. I couldn’t stop looking at her chest and at this point, Crystal asked me if I could help her move one of the heavy boxes as her face began to blush.

It was at that very moment I knew I was under her spell or something, because without hesitation I went over to help her move the box. She grabbed one end and I the other end, as we started lifting the box I am looking straight at her chest. I could see straight down her chest through the drooping shirt that exposed her nipple and areolas. Her nipples were the size of pencil erasers and her areolas were the size of quarters. At this moment I was sporting a full on hard on and I realized that I was **bleep**ed.

As we set down the box, I noticed that her eyes went straight to my groin and her eyes got big as a devilish smile came to her beautiful face. I know I couldn’t hide it from her since she had already seen me sporting a massive hard-on because of her. I wasn’t sure what to do but at that moment I heard her say, “Did I do that to you?”, I was lost for words and I didn’t know what to say to her. I look at her still debating on what to say to her, she looks at me in the eye, then down to my crotch and says, “Can I see it?” Without hesitation I tell her, “That wouldn’t be a good idea. She answers with,”Why not? I just want to see it! It's not like anyone else is here.” I tell her, “Crystal, I just don’t think it a good idea, I could get in trouble if anyone finds out.”

I look at Crystal at this point and I could see her mind going to work on what she is going to say. She looks up at me with those devilish eyes that she gives me, bits her bottom lip and says, “Come on, let me see it! I promise I won’t tell anyone, it will be our little secret, I promise!” As she finishes saying that, she gives me the pouty lips with the puppy dog eye. At that moment I could only think about how much trouble she was going to get me into, as well as you know she was going to be trouble but you didn’t even listen to yourself, you jackass!

As I’m in this daze on what to do, I didn’t realize that she started to walk towards me until I felt her hand go for my crotch. When I snapped out of my daze I started to tell her, “Crystal, what are you doing? You can’t do that! I could get in trouble.” She places her finger upon my lips and says, “Shhhh, no ones going to find out, I just want to see it, it’s our little secret, I promise you!”

Before I even came to a rational state of mind, the head in my pants made up its mind and took control of my brain and I said, “We need to shut the garage if this is going to happen.” That moment she gets all excited and runs to the garage door opener and pushes the button and the garage door closes. With a few seconds of her pushing the button she was back in front of me undoing the button to my pants. I place my hand on hers and I tell her, “You're serious, you're not going to tell anyone about this? I could get into some serious trouble if you do!” She answers with that devilish look on her face with, “I promise, I cross my heart!”, as she says that she crosses her heart.

As I’m standing there under the spell of this young girl undoing my pants, I feel my pants fall to my feet and her finger at the waistband of my boxer slowly pulling my boxer down. I feel my **bleep** pop out of my boxer as the waistband slides over it and I hear her say, “Wow! You're bigger than the other I've seen!” As I heard what she said, I went, “How many have you seen?” At this moment I look down at her and she is just a few inches away from my **bleep** looking at it in amazement. I should say that I’m not the biggest guy around, I know I’m slightly bigger than the most guy but I wouldn’t consider myself as being large. I’m 7 inches and 5 inches in girth.

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Retired Team Member

Hi Toen,


You will need to complete your application and submit it for review before you`re able to send proposals. Once your application is accepted you will be able to send proposals. To complete your application please follow the instructions on your end (home page). Thank you.

~ Goran

I have the same problem.

Which applicatoin are you referring to?

Hi Blair,


I checked your account, and it looks like the option to submit a proposal is active. Could you please try again after you have also completed the address information here? If you still experience the same issue please let us know. 

~ Joanne
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