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Submit Work / Payment for 2nd Milestone or End Contrat ?

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Lucian M Member Since: Jun 25, 2017
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Hello, Upwork Community.


Well, each day I spent here I still find myself face to face with new things that I need to understand. Smiley Happy

I finished a job. The client was very satisfied. This is my first contract set through milestone system.


The first milestone is founded and shows "Submit Work / Require Payment"

The second milestone is added as "Additional work done" but no Submit Work appears.


Agreed & Remaining $$ value is the same while on me Paid is 0$. I understand that is 0$ if I didn't submit work at the moment, but in order to obtain the second milestone, what do I actually have to do ? What is the actual procedure ? Do I need to click on Submit for this panel to appear again on the second milestone. Do I have to wait for 24 hours for the second Submit panel to show up or the client / me can simply end contract and the second milestone will automatically be send with the rest of the 1st milestone on my 0$ Paid.


The client herself is new with the system too, so we need to be cautious.


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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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It means the client never funded the second milestone and you never submitted the first one for payment....


Just click on the "Submit work and request payment" button and edit the $$ field on the next screen to the total price of the whole project (provided it was completed).


this will allow the client to approve it, the funds for the payment will be taken from the funded first milestone, the remainder will be taken from the client's payment method on file.


This will save the client the trouble of releasing the first milestone and funding and releasing the second, it can all be done with a couple of clicks once you requested payment.