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'Submit proposal' button not working; posts aren't coming up in search

Something's changed recently, and I could use some help figureing out what.


A new fellow voice talent VO friend of mine on here messages me posts he thinks match my skills, and whenever I click the links into the post pages the submit proposal button does not work. The same thing happens when I go to 'find work' and click into the post pages.


The only way the button works is when the side pop out comes up when clicking on a title in the search results; but it's not so helpful when I'm trying to follow links.


Then, when I try to work around that by copy/pasting the post title into the find work search field, many times it turns up no results. I'm going to use the last link he sent:  **Edited for Community Guidelines**The button doesn't work, and searching with that title brings up nothing.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Amanda,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked this for you and I was not able to replicate the issue that you're having with submitting proposals. As for pasting the link on the search bar, it would not work that way as the link copied is a URL, which means you'll have to paste the link on your browser, not the Upwork search field.


Also, when you go to the job link on your browser, please make sure that you are logged in on your Upwork account in order to be able to submit a proposal.


Please let us know if you need further assistance.

~ AJ

Hi Annie! Thank you for the response. I'm logged in and copy/pasting the post title, not the link, into the find work search field. It's still happening; it's been for a while.


I guess that I should add my cookies/history gets deleted every day.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Amanda, 

It looks like you were able to submit a proposal for the job you noted in your post. Are you still experiencing the same? Let us know so that our team can look into this further.

~ Avery
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