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Submitted Proposals

How long before my submitted proposals will be viewed? Any tips on enhancing my profile I am all ears! I am ready to start working from home!!
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Taryn H wrote:
How long before my submitted proposals will be viewed? 

Sometime between when you hit submit and never. There is no way to  have any real idea. You might get some ideas based on how many are submitted, anyone being invited or interviewed. For me, I would guess maybe 10% actually get read, maybe more, but I will never know.

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Here is almost my stock answer, since most people create the same type of profile.


I don't know what you put in your proposal, but I would suggest starting over with your profile.   Make the profile results oriented, not promise oriented. Tell how you have helped clients (or people you work for) in concrete terms, i.e. "saved a bazillion man hours", "increased turnaround time by 5 hours"... 

Clients only see the first few lines. Make it impactful. Take out the smiley face, cutesy isn't professional, IMHO.


I use my proposal as the cornerstone of how to get the work, not a static profile that someone has to seek out. I think of the profile in the same way as having a website somewhere it the web-world. I don't expect anyone to find me that way, never have.


For me, I don't see anything there that tells me how you can help me if I am the client based on your past experiences. What measure of success did you achieve? What monetary or resource impacts did you make, in hard values, not just "made things better". I read this a sales brochure, not a "why I am better than any other freelancer" statement.


Don't expect to get all you work by just making a great profile and then waiting for the clients to invite you. Develop a high quality strategy on how your proposals will look and submit, submit, submit.

Thanks for your input! I will be sure to take that into consideration!
Hopefully I will start seeing more action!
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