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Submitted milestones - Clients are not responding and waiting for payments

I am having some issues with client responsiveness. I am a PhD student who freelances on the side and I would not be doing this if I didn't need the additional income. That said I am finding it hard to plan now since clients are not responding.


One client paid me for the first milestone and they say they will continue to the next once they add some more content (writing), but they have not responded. Originally there were three milestones, but the client let the milestone due dates expire and now it says there are no active milestones. Was this their way of ghosting the contract due to disasstisfaction with my work? I really hope not. 



I also have another client who I started a contract with a month ago. They haven't responded to any messages from 2 weeks ago until now, and they haven't responded to my work submission 4 days ago. I know I can just "wait" 10 more days until my funds are released, but checking and waiting has not been the best use of my time. 


Is there a way to avoid this in the future? 


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@Jon S wrote:


Is there a way to avoid this in the future? 


Short of exclusively doing hourly work, I'm afraid not. It could be just my luck, but in my experience the vast majority of clients will fund and release milestones promptly, so you're overdue to catch a break.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce

Would it be a bad idea for me to rate them accordingly in regards to timeliness and communication? What is reasonable to expect? Should I assume that I should never have questions about a task - or if so, only on the first day when I am accepting an offer? 

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