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Submitting Proposals

Hi Upwork Community,


I am a Top Rated Freelancer and I have an Upwork verified Skill Certificate on my profile. 

Now, I have a question that when I submit proposals to clients, Should I mention that

"I am a Top Rated and I have a skill certificate verified by Upwork. You can check my profile and portfolio for my recent work for some of my clients."

If yes, then another question is that.


I read the full JOB POSTING CAREFULLY and then mention everything the client wants to get, in my proposal. 

and some of the things about me are already written, so Can I copy and paste the same paragraph in my proposal while submitting the proposal? 

"My name is Viral**Edited for community guidelines**and I am involved in Video Editing, Video Production, and especially post-production, Video and audio editing with a final touch-up in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe After Effects and as your requirements are concerned.


I am a Top Rated freelancer and I have a Video Editing Skill Certificate verified by Upwork.


I can provide you with the work you are looking for. 


If I will be perfect for you and you feel that I can deliver your exact needs, I would be more than happy to work on your project.


You can check my profile, my portfolio, and clients' ratings about my work, my relationship with them, and my Job Success Score.


Please feel free to touch base with any questions as we move forward.



Viral**Edited for community guidelines**"

Once Again, I mention everything that client wants, but I add these all paragraphs in between my proposal. So I use these all paragraphs in all the proposals with clients' requirements as it is, Just copies and paste, so will it be okay?? or is it against Upwork policy, or will it impact my profile or stat like Spam Application?


Just help me with this... I will change my method if I am creating some kind of mistake.

I hope you can understand.

Thanks in advance.


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Can anyone on the Upwork community, please reply to my question?


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Along with "the things the client mentions" it is too long and it's a very obvious "copy and paste" which clients can report as spam.


Clients get dozens of proposals. They have neither the time nor the inclination to read through endless proposals, especially when the majority of the text is irrelevant. Your proposal is all about you, rather than how hiring you benefits the client, and could do with editing to fix the English.


It is completely pointless to mention your name or that you are "involved in ...." (they can see your name and what you do) 

They can also see that you are top rated. 

"I can provide you with the work you are looking for" is absolute proof of a "copy and paste" proposal. It's also nonsense, as you obviously woudn't be applying if you didn't think you can do the work


I would rethink that approach.

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Thanks, Petra for your kind answer.





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