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Submitting a proposal as an agency

While on Elance for some reason or another I had to purchase an agency account. Now, this has since transferred over to Upwork. Jobs cedited to my name = 6 jobs with earnings of $1,400. Jobs credited to the agency = 51 jobs with earnings of $50,000+


Now, keep in mind that all the jobs were completed by me, as there are no employees, why these 6 jobs were credited to me and not the agency I do not know. Anyway, when I submit a proposal I want to know if it is possible to submit it from my agency profile, and not my freelancer profile.


Basically, I want the reader to see that the proposal is coming from someone who has completed more than 50 projects, and not from a person who is just showing 6 completed projects.


Hi Jeffrey,


When an agency member completes a contract under the agency, it will show on both the freelancer's and the agency's profile in the Work History section. A non-exclusive freelancer can choose whether they are bidding on a job independently or through the agency. Other users will still be able to see that they are associated with an agency when viewing their profile. Let us know if you have further questions. We're here to help.

~ Joanne

I complete a job as a freelancer under the agency. The total job completed under freelancer is showing as 1 but it is not appearing under the agency.  May I know the details?

Hi Jahanzeb,


The contract is already showing on your profile, but as the client didn't leave feedback, it's showing the contract with the 'No feedback given' text.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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