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Odesk should remove such

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Ally D Member Since: Jan 28, 2010
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I agree Chris, and it is truley unfair that individuals on the 'beta testing' are put in this unfair and discriminatory position. I really do not know how O-Desk believe they are in a position to declare world wage rates, and to also decide who can bid low and who cannot. Within the circumstances of the families involved (instead of the comfy circumstances of the o-desk staff), it can mean the difference between being able to feed the family or not, or having to leave the kids at home unsupervised while going off to work. I see from this thread that this Beta testing has been going for a while now and it is very unfortunate that we as O-Desk employers have not been aware, or I for one would have been speaking up sooner.
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Robin C Member Since: Jan 10, 2012
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[quote=Ally D.]Within the circumstances of the families involved (instead of the comfy circumstances of the o-desk staff), it can mean the difference between being able to feed the family or not, or having to leave the kids at home unsupervised while going off to work. [/quote] Hang on. If being paid such low rates makes such a huge difference, do you really think they don't want to make a little bit more? Why feel great about supplying work to someone at a rate that allows them to feed their families but still leaves them mostly impoverished. Give yourself kudos if you want for your measly $1-3, but it is clear that no one is living well on it. [quote=Ally D.]I really do not know how O-Desk believe they are in a position to declare world wage rates. [/quote] It is so funny when complainers about this pop off with something like this. It betrays how little you know about basic business practices and world economics. First of all, as a world wide platform, they are in a position to affect world pay rates (rates, not wages. Wages are paid by employers, which you are not). The fact that the rates paid on oDesk have an effect on rates charged elsewhere likely has very little to do with their decision in this regard. I doubt they are so altruistic as a company. The fact is, they are a company, and they have every right to run their business as they see fit. If those low rate jobs are not good for their business model, they have a right to do something about it. The same way that you have the right to change how you do business if paying your freelancers one more dollar an hour is going to break your bank.
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Vivek P Member Since: Jan 23, 2011
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The online work sites have consolidated and seem to be gaining monopolistic power. They make more money if the jobs cost more (10% fee) - hence they are trying to start an upward price war through wages. They care about the workers??? Please.
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Keith K Member Since: Jul 13, 2013
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3rd or 4th thread I'm reading like this. Surprised no one has mentioned the book, "Hot, Flat & Crowded" I've paid as little as $1.11 / hour and as much as $50.00 / hour over the last couple of years. The low end of that was for PAID training for the first 50 or 100 hours, after which the pay doubled, then continued to climb at regular intervals. Over $10,000 TOTAL SPENT 29 Hires, 2 Active $5.18/hr AVG HOURLY RATE PAID 2,789 Hours Now I'm regularly running into situations in which the contractor has a good set of skills listed at $2.22 - so I'm looking to hire and train them for 50 to 100 hours at that rate, and then increase significantly. Within six months they can be at double their posted rate. BUT they are part of the oDesk "beta test" and cannot list for less than $4/hour, nearly double their posted rate. My principal associate is now earning several times what he got from me (and others) when he started. Moreover, given much positive feedback, he's earning still more on other jobs to boot. The world is hot, flat and crowded. Those with skills to compete in a virtual work world can make several times the average income of their peers in their locale, even at rates that US and European contractors scoff at. Employers pay a bit more in communication and cultural limitations; yet employers can use that experience to their advantage and continue to learn, while perfecting systems that lend themselves to efficiency. People, processes and products. Basic business. oDesk was such a system, an efficient marketplace. Now, oDesk support people are giving suggestions to jury-rig the system. Buy blocks of time at fixed rates that match desired hourly rates (no work diary). Hire a contractor and give them a limit of zero hours. When they work, give a weekly bonus at the agreed-upon lower rate. What kind of confidence does that build in an virtual marketplace for labor? I'm certain oDesk is only looking for a way to increase their own earnings - and NOT doing anything progressive or egalitarian. I am guilty of seeking bargains on labor...yet I only consider it a bargain if it continues and grows into a progressively, mutually-successful relationship. Hiring and training is time-consuming and expensive. In the end I believe that good contractors succeed - and that I succeed when they are successful. Several people working for my firm bought their first home while in my employ. They do their part. I do my part. It is time for oDesk to stop screwing around and do their part - by focusing on making the marketplace efficient for hiring and working, not by beta-testing ways to increase their profits. Increase your efficiency and your character, oDesk. That is the way you'll succeed. Regards, Keith
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Temitope F Member Since: Feb 29, 2008
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Odesk should remove such things as -I am looking for freelancers with the lowest rates, -I am looking for a mix of experience and value, -I am willing to pay higher rates for the most experienced freelancers, as part of the job application and let freelancers submit their bids with rates that suit them. It is up to the employer to decide who gets the job at what rate. This is just giving the employer opportunity to impoverish the freelancers and if any employer is looking for freelancers with the lowest rates, then they should be ready to accept results of lowest quality.
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Wesley S Member Since: Jan 22, 2012
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"loosing my competitive edge" DAMN... No wonder there still exist people who come into oDesk and want to pay with their petty cash to people that work hard for their income.
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Numan S Member Since: Nov 16, 2009
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Heya All!

Aren't we missing the main topic of the POST ?

I think the main question here is about the "increase in rate" & whether it is same for all or is it selective of the freelancers?

It doesn't matter whether in some country people work for $20 a month or $20k a month or even $200k a month!! The fact to the matter is whether oDesk is providing the same platform to all oDesk freelancers or to a selective few only?

I think it is and would be a healthy conversation in its own merit if we discuss it to the point.

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Ivailo A Member Since: Aug 13, 2012
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1$ hourly rate doesn't sound like a very appealing competitive edge. Increase your hourly rate and think of another competitive edge - think of it as a motivation to improve yourself.
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Natacha R Member Since: Aug 2, 2010
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Best part of your video 0:06 to 0:19 Smiley Happy
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Exp U Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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No, it isn't.