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Suddenly stop getting work on upwork

Hey, I don't know what happend but I stopped getting work on upwork suddenly. I have reviews , good profile, job success score everything inspite of this I am not getting work on upwork. This is more frustrating , if you put thousands of proposals and you don't get any job. What's the problem ?? It doesn't make sense to purchase connects etc.


Please let me know your opinions.




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Hi Sylvia,


I clicked on your profile link and it says your profile is not found. Perhaps that is why. 

so what do i do?

Can you view your profile? Have you been suspended? 

yes i can view my profile

Contact customer support and make sure your profile is public. I have fallen into a slump earlier on in my freelance career. I had to buy some connects. And I kept applying and applying until I started winning projects again. Now I have 200+ connects sitting in my account. I'm too busy to apply. 


Just be patient and apply. Good luck!

oh ok...i'll try customer support.

I can see it. I notice UPwork has a weird bug where sometimes profiles show up as suspended or gone but others can see it.

Same here... suddenly on 50 proposals there is no answer at all.. top rated status, high end skills. Most of them i cancel after 20 or so day as inresponsive client... 


Also, i have this thing popping out all the time (something has been merged) and this thing keeps coming out everysingle time i refresh page or want to search for work. 


So something is telling me that something is not right.... I just want to have one profile.. no specialized profiles.. at the end i only do one thing 🙂 

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Hi!  I know this is old but did you ever figure this out? I'm suddenly having the same issue. I used to get hits on at least 75% of my proposals and about a month ago, it just flat out stopped and nothing changed that I can think of. 

Yeah after 20 Feb Upwork share down falling that is due to connect increase and direct contract fees

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You have to spent lots of money on connects now and maybe 1-2% of the jobs you bid on will actually hire you. This is Upworks plan because they want to make as much money as they can from the freelancers. So the more connects you buy the happier Upwork is, they don't care about you. 

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That's true
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