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Suddenly stopped receiving interviews - 2021

Hello Upwork Community, 

I am a Top-Rated seller here and suddenly (~2 months back), I've just stopped receiving interviews. I mean ZERO. 

Previously, with a lower JSS, I was consistently getting interviews (approximately 15-20% of my applications). But, in the recent 2 months - absolutely NONE. And I've applied to a fare share. 

I do get invites, so that hasn't stopped, so I am not sure if anyone else is facing the same issue or if there is a bug or something. I am finding it very hard to believe since it happened kind of all of a sudden and wasn't a steady decline or something. 


Any help or thoughts is appreciated. 

Cheers and Stay Safe!


Hi Zahin,


I understand that you are concerned about not receiving invites lately. Please know that when clients search for freelancers the results vary depending on what they are searching for and other factors. This is also to give equal opportunities to all freelancers. You are welcome to submit proposals to jobs you are interested in. You might want to consider checking out the resources below:


How to Create a Proposal that Wins Jobs 

Craft an Eye-catching Proposal Every Time


Please also check out the resources here for more helpful tips.


~ Joanne
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Joanne Marie P wrote:

Hi Zahin,

I understand that you are concerned about not receiving invites lately.

That is the opposite of what he is concerned about... He is still getting invites. He is not being interviewed for jobs he applies to. That's what he is concerned about.

Hi Zahin and Petra, 


I apologize for incorrectly stating that in my response. But, Zahin, please consider reading those links I shared to help you in writing your proposals.


Thanks, Petra.

~ Joanne
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