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I've completed many tests, but surely there's more to graphic design than every version of photoshop.  In the image I attached, it shows the "tests" portion of your profile. How come it won't show any other suggestions? 

Also, is anyone bothered by the amount of variations for Photoshop.. and Indesign.. and Dreamweaver.. 

I find it ridiculous that every version is offered, let alone "suggested" for me. 


Those are just suggestions, Christina.  I usually take tests in between contracts when I feel the need to strengthen my profile.  I think that when it comes to tests that are available in the platform, not everything is available (as yet). When I started doing transcription tasks, I thought of taking the test but I found no transcription tests so I tried taking a test online outside the site.  I had the surprise of my life when everything went positively fast and all of a sudden I was accepting invitations to circumvent. lol.  I think that Upwork is working on this.  If I compare how things were when I first tried freelancing here, there is no doubt that Upwork developers have done a great job already.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Christina,


Thank you for your feedback about the skill tests. I have shared it with the team. Would you like to see tests only for latest versions of Photoshop and other programs you mentioned? 

~ Valeria