Suggested improvement to Getting Started on Upwork

According to Getting Started on UpworkFreelancer Guide is the "holy book of freelancing." If that's so, perhaps it should be amended to include a note to use a different browser, or an incognito/private window, or empty cache, delete, cookies and restart the browser, whenever the site seems to not work.


Or alternately, how about adding an additional link to Getting Started on Upwork with succinct instructions to try all of the above, when the site appears to be malfunctioning?


FYI, from quick googling, I believe Valeria alone has given the incognito window suggestion in at least 7 different topics, and probably more than once within some of those topics, given Upwork mods' penchant for merging related topics.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks, John. Using an incognito window, a different browser, doing a hard refresh or clearing cache and cookies are common troubleshooting techniques that help resolve issues not only with Upwork site but any site. A lot of users don't need to use them but those who do come across issues that may be caused by their browser's cache or cookies will be directed to try those techniques. 


As for the profile creation issue you are referring to, the team is aware that some new users experience it and are investigating it already.

~ Valeria