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Suggestion - Add science to job categories

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Jacobus S Member Since: Jun 5, 2011
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Seeing as the science community on oDesk is growing (there are certainly much more jobs and contractors now than when I started), I would like to suggest adding science and related sub-categories such as biology, medicine, chemistry, statistics, etc. to job categories. This may also attract more clients from scientific/academic communities. One sees web development, business services, administrative services, etc. on the jobs list when searching for jobs/contractors, but I think putting science on there might just open up a new market. Moreover, as it has happened for me here, there can be a better exchange between the business and science communities on oDesk, which is rare in the real world. A lot of businesses require scientific work to be done, which can be difficult as hard science and business usually do not sit around the same table. Conversely, a lot of scientists require business-related work to be done at some stage, which they are mostly bad at themselves. It is certainly difficult to find a collection of people with all of these skills in one place, and I know that a number of scientists would love to work on and learn something other than their own things (which is why I like it). Where better to lure them to than oDesk?