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Suggestion: Easier Time Tracking with To-Do Lists

Upwork allows freelancers to track the time they spend working for clients.

This is done by logging hours for specific tasks. Currently, freelancers can only choose from a general list of activities (like "writing" or "design") when logging hours. However, clients can also create specific To-Do Lists that outline the exact tasks for a project.

This suggestion proposes that Upwork allows freelancers to choose a specific task from the To-Do List when logging their hours. This will make time tracking more accurate and easier for both freelancers and clients.

I think freelancers should be able to choose the specific task directly from the To-Do list the client creates. This way, everyone knows exactly how much time is spent on each task.

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Hi Sharif,


Thank you for taking the time to share your suggestions. It looks like you are referring to adding an activity to the contract. We already have a feature that allows clients to add Activities to a contract for freelancers to use while working on their tasks.  Additionally, freelancers can add memos to describe what they are working on while they log time. 


- Pradeep

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