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Suggestion: Edit Cover Letter

Community Guru

How many times have any of you written a cover letter and found you had an error after you submitted even though you tried to be very careful? I really really wish that there were an option to go back and edit cover letters.



Especially Friday when I am tired and I type faster then my brain is working.....



Community Guru

I know of at least 3 times recently; 1 of them I actually got the project.


But sometimes when you type or see the same word that you use over and over again in your cover letter, you just mentally skip over it; then after you send it. BAM! OOPS! Dang it!



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Michael, just to be sure we're discussing the same thing, the time suggestion is for re-opening a job application after it has been submitted so as to edit the cover letter.  The reason a time limit is appropriate is that once submitted, the client is able to review your application.  Editability of the cover letter after the fact would provide a backdoor way of changing the terms of your proposal.  That would not be good for clients or Upwork.



A lot of unprofessional behavior would not be good for clients, Upwork, or providers. It does not follow that the solution is a technical restriction.


In four years and change on Elance, where "proposals" (the equivalent of cover letters) can be revised, I have never once, among the many complaints aired there, heard of an attempt to change terms via a revised proposal,.




We should also discuss the possible reasons why upwork is not allowing us to edit cover letters.


Maybe it wants us to be me more professional & serious. They want us to think it like them you've sent a post mail to them & you cannot send them again.


If Upwork will allow editing, then it will have to develop some system that would show that someone has updated their cover letter. Also, the client may not be able to find any significant change, like many people will correct grammatical errors.

So it may mean increased time for the client to review the applicantions for the job.


One solution to above can be that upwork shows the latest cover letter to client & client can see the archived (or previous) cover letters.


If upwork wants to disable editing, then it should be after the client has started interviewing you. But still I say, increased time for client to review: a freelancer would not be happy if the client has earlier read your cover letter, & you update it, & the client don't get a notification: that someone has changed his cover letter, If yes, then increased time to review almost the same proposal that client has earlier seen.


Why I needed to edit my proposal or cover letter: The client has asked for an hourly rate to bid, & asked if you'd be happy by working on an hourly basis, or by a given task. I wanted to lower my lower hourly rate, which I did, but I couldn't lower the "price per task" I had written in cover letter. 

I don't know... I think some of you are over-thinking this...  Write and edit your cover letter in a text file on your local computer, or in your online email software... And you can take as much time as you want to polish it.


I don't think most clients are going to go back and check to see if cover letters are changed. It makes more sense to update your offer, which generates a new message. That is something you can already do.


On a broader philosophical note... I am far more interested in changes and new features that enhance the client experience. I already know how to use Upwork as a contractor. I can figure out how to write and edit a cover letter without the ability to edit it after sending it.


I even have figured out how to search for jobs in a way that works for me.


As a contractor, the best thing Upwork can do for me is to continue improving the client-side interface and improve the client experience, and thus keep those money-paying clients coming back here with real jobs.


The number one thing serious contractors want is an abundant presence of serious clients. Even if the Upwork interface was very simple or even ugly (think CraigsList), top contractors will be here if the paying clients are here.

There's no doubt, Preston, that Upwork's client-facing failures and hurdles seriously undermine even present levels of service, let alone the "moonshot" projections for the next six years. There is no doubt that narrowing the gulf between Upwork's rhetoric and its reality with regard to client reliabiltiy and ease of use is the number one priority.

That said, I don't see implementation of such a commonplace feature as the text editor avilable throughout the site and universally on the Internet as competing with the resources demanded by the priority task (in any but a trivial way).

On the third hand, I'm not an engineer, let alone one in what must be Upwork's perpetual bucket brigade.