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Suggestion: Preview the message before applying to the job.

In this forum, you are "forced" to preview your message before you can send it. Which makes a lot of sense. But when applying to job, and after filling out sometimes more than 5 boxes (plus payment, duration etc). Which is basically an interview that determines if you get hired or not. There is no preview mode for it?

That is a good point, Henry. I thought about that before too. There are times when I've written a cover letter and only after submitting it, I realize that there are a couple of errors. Of course, I should read the content thoroughly before hand, but it's a little easier to see it in preview mode.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Henry, Thank you very much for your suggestion. I have escalated it to our Team for consideration.
~ Valeria

Thank you, Valeria!

Hi Valerie K,


As this is now Sep 2015, can this matter be shuffled and brought back to top of pile please?


Regards,  Frank


YES!!! Totally agree!!! Please Upwork, add a Preview option, so that freelancers can preview their Proposals for errors, before submitting!




I wish that this feature would be added as well. 


Sometimes I also wish that there would be a possibility to save your proposal witout sending it. Sometimes I will start writing a proposal for a job but half-way through it I get a message from a client and will have to leave the proposal for a bit. It would be great if we could save the proposal and go back to finish it later without just leaving it open on the browser.