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Suggestion: Show most recent feedback on public profile (for non-logged in users)

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Joel T Member Since: Nov 3, 2013
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When my profile is viewed by a non-logged in user they only see four reviews. The reviews that are shown are from grunt projects I did at the start in order to gain some ratings and feedback. Granted, the reviews aren't bad but they're fairly simple projects I did to gain ratings. I was told by support that my full reviews aren't visible so that the user will sign up in order to view more. I see two issues with this approach. One, there is no notification that a non-logged in user needs to signup to view more about a freelancer. Two, as a freelancer, I am misrepresented to the client. Sure the $30 jobs I did have great reviews but I'd rather potential clients see the bigger projects with their positive feedback. Would it not be more beneficial to show the four most recent reviews? I'd really like to give my profile URL out to potential clients who aren't signed up with oDesk but don't since I'm not represented correctly. I understand that giving the freelancer full control over what feedback is seen to the non-logged in user could be troublesome as they could only show their best. But wouldn't it make more sense to show the most recent client reviews as opposed to the oldest?