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Suggestion: Tick the Question mark when a ticket has been updated or you get community feedback

Hey Community,


Have you ever wondered why something on upwork isn't working for you, only to find out that you have an open ticket with 3 reminder emails?

I really like that Upwork doesn't have any distractions like Kudo's added, but it would be very helpfull if we can access requests and get support request notifications from our Upwork dashboard. I just found out that Support needs me to do something. It took the problem being escalated to where it becomes a nuisance for me to apply, opening the Upwork support dashboard, making a ticket requesting why I am having this issue, wondering why I didn't get a response, logging in to my email, hearing that the request I sent is closed because there is an open ticket, clicking on that ticket and getting "access denied", going back to my Upwork dashboard and clicking "my requests", confirming the ticket number the other agent mentioned..... To find out that I need to submit alternate information.  Nobody spends hours on the Support's dashboard, I would assume that everyone is either at work, in the community forum or on your main Upwork dashboard. I think it would be very helpfull if we can get a notification on the question mark if Support needs something done urgently. It's really terrible, because a month could have passed without me knowing that Support needs something from me and then some deadline would have passed where Support just gives up on it. I hope that my astonishment why this notification thing isn't a thing hasn't annoyed anyone. Just thought I would share. Upwork has access to the world's best UX designers, Coders, basicly you could post "I want someone to make an ad for my company....but from the MOON" and you'll get viable responses. <end of rant> 🙂


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi John,


We appreciate your feedback and will share it with the rest of our team.


When our team reaches out to you, or make a follow up on an already existing ticket, you are being notified via email. 


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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