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Suggestion for Maintenance Contract

I am a web developer working as a freelancer in upwork. Now When I make a website for a client they usually need ongoing maintenance for the website. The monthly fee is around $70-$150 depending on the website. Now since the amount is small I am wondering is there any particular contract type for this type of work? 

I read a thread somewhere in this forum ( by preston probably) that too many opened contracts reduced the chance of getting new work in upwork. As the system considers the guy has enough work.. But in actuality the monthly amounts are tiny and don't require a lot of time or effort ( probably 4-5 hours a month)

So Can anyone suggest a good way to get this monthly fees without having to leave an open contract? . Currently I am thinking about let the client issue me as a bonus every month but honestly it's not a good idea. Clients are super busy and don't have time to send me money by issuing a bonus every month

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I don't think having lots of open contracts have any negative effect, although I'm not absolutely sure. For your monthly fee, you could look into a retainer. I've never used one but I think they're used for this purpose. The client sets up a weekly fixed payment (in 'Advanced Options' when sending an offer, it might be necessary to open a new contract), which the freelancer gets regardless of hours logged.

Use an automated weekly payment, Upwork already has this functionality.

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