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Suggestion for Upwork team

can you please add "contests" tab ?

i think it will be excllent idea.

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What is the content of a "Contest" tab. Gaming, asking for refunds, or?

My idea is to add the choice for the clients to make contests or Jobs


contests: who submit the best entry is who win the contest.

job: the freelancer that the client chose will work with him.

That is how Upwork works today.


Whoever the client deems as the best after reviewing their cover letter, profile, reviews, portfolio, and interview wins the contest as you put it.

The client in that situation is choosing the product or result he wants

not the freelancer that he wants..

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There are already lots of "clients" requiring free tests or samples, or taking advantage of interviews to understand from freelancers how to get a job done without paying them.


The idea of contests would probably offer bad clients even more free content to exploit, without paying a cent to anyone. Do you really think it is a good idea?

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the website can make its watermark on the entrys and when the client choose an entry to win

the watermark erases when the freelancer wins, this idea is available on freelancer.com


it gives more opportunites for new freelancers with no ratings, it gives them the ability to show their skills and expirence in their field clearly .

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