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Suggestion for agency's features

Hi there! I hope this text will find some support and reaches the UpWork development team.

I'm really don't get why agency's page doesn't have the portfolio block, that's number one.


But the main feature I want to suggest is this: We all know that all agency's income goes to agency account. And the administrator is responsible for payments to freelancers, also the administrator works with the client on behalf of the freelancer. But here's the question, why does client get to hire the single freelancer not the whole agency? And the agency administrator will be the person who assign freelancer with the new job, not the client. This will apply of course if the freelancer works exclusively for the agency.


Thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Volodymyr,


Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. Currently to comply with Upwork identity policy there has to be a contract between a client and an individual freelancer and only that particular freelancer can work and log time on that contract. This applies to agency freelancers and contracts.


I will share your feedback regarding this and the portfolio with the team.

~ Valeria

Thank you for your reply!

And my suggestion does not violate UpWork policy, it can be implemented on the job offer level. For example the proposal (interview) goes with the staffing manager, if the client wants to start a contract, he sends a job offer to the agency and staffing manager get to choose which freelancer does the contract will be singed on.

This would be a decent feature because you have "hide profile rate" for exclusive freelancers feature for some reason.

And why would this feature will be helpful?

For example (hypothetical situation):

I'm a stuffing manager, I have a few freelancers in my agency working on the same field. I while ago I sent a proposal on behalf of one of my freelancers. Some time passed, the client replies and sends a job offer. But at the time this freelancer is not available for work (busy or on vacation doesn't matter). But the other freelancer is free and he can work on that contract. So I would have to ask a client to send another job offer to another freelancer. Possibly that's not an issue but the clients are different and some could just cancel the offer and hire other candidate.

And if the functionality I suggested was implemented there would be no problems.

And thank you once again.