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* Suggestion for designer's profile portfolio items.

Hi, thanks for stopping by. 

It's a suggestion post and wants to share my input regarding upwork profile portfolio items.

If you find it interesting, give it a thumbs up so that it is notified to people at upwork 🙂


I am a UI designer. When I add items to my portfolio here on upwork it only shows the first 3 items, other items go behind the pagination thing. 

The limitation of showing only 3 items in the first view reduce the possibility of client finding relevant sample when they search profiles for the invitation process or they are just scanning profiles in general. 


If we make it a 3X3(or higher) grid formation then there will be higher possibilities of finding relevant items to their requirement from 9 projects. 


Also, it will be very helpful if we can change the background colour for the portfolio post.  


I request people at upwork to take note of this, this can be really helpful for designers. 


Thank you 🙃

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