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Suggestion if possible

With the freelancer community being as busy as ever with the Covid home working situation I was wondering if it was possible to have UpWork Email or text freelancers when jobs come availaable in a certain category or profile. This was happening in Upwork a while ago but the problem was when I used to get notified it was already a day or two AFTER the jobs were posted. Answering by then was too late as many answered when the job was first posted, it would only be productive to send new jobs within an hour timeframe of its original post. 


I would have no problem paying for this feature if need be.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for this suggestion, Ralph.


Have you tried using RSS or Atom feed? If not, you can turn any search into an RSS or Atom feed to receive automatic updates in a third-party feed reader. Each feed will return up to 50 results per update.

~ Bojan
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