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Suggestion: show file type and size in job listings

A lot of clients put HUGE files in their job listings, but upwork doesn't list the file type or the size in the job description. I have a top tier internet plan, however some other people may have limits on their data and can easily go over the cap downloading massive files repeatedly when browsing work ads. In addition, I have to go through my downloads folder periodically and delete a bunch of useless data files that can easily add up to a gig or more in no time which is kind of a pain. In addition, now that the adobe suite has gone to a subscription model I may have a preference for what file types I work with depending on which program I have active.


Can you show the file name extension (.zip, .ai etc) in the link name, as well as the size? This would be incredibly helpful. Limiting size would be nice too. I don't need to see a folder with a billion examples... usually 3 or 4 will suffice.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Shannon,


Thank you for sharing your suggestion with us. I'll forward it to the team for consideration.

~ Valeria