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Suggestion to improve effectiveness of Upwork Project Success Recruiters

Hey, I've got an idea!


If the Upwork Project  Success Recruiters are supposed to help new clients be successful in hiring, why don't they take a moment to suggest that the client actually describe the job at hand?


I ignore most of the invites from these recruiters because they are woefully trained in matching skills, to projects and budgets.


But this one takes the cake: The recruiter is helping "Jane Austen" fill the job described as

"We are currently recruiting article and blog writers. To qualify, you must have extensive in article and blog writing."


It's an entry level job (so why invite me?) and it doesn't tell you what, for whom, the length, or any of the other questions you need to know before you decide to pursue a job.


Come on Upwork, you can do better!


Cheryl, I've suggested in several posts it'd be soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better if Clients very simply just answer:  who?  what?  when?  where?  why?  and how? in their Job Postings.  That would certainly save Clients and Freelancers time.  In a perfect world...


I agree. But if these Upwork employees are supposed to be "helping" them achieve success, why not start with the job proposal.

It's one thing for clients to write a lousy job description on their own - these clients are supposed to be getting "help"!


My understanding is that those agents just invite freelancers on the behalf of the client. With more or less luck in matching skills and needs.


I never understood the need for this. What I do understand is that this costs money and since it's offered to all clients (or it seems to me), Upwork cannot hire high-end professionals for this job. Well, maybe.


What they might do to improve this is to offer assistance only to new clients and instead of having agents send invites, which the client can do himself or herself, the assistance should be here to help clients write a better job post.


Would be more effective I think.

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I think it is only offered to new clients in hopes of ensuring that their first experience on Upwork is a success.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Cheryl,


I'm sorry to hear you got an invite that didn't match your skills and expectations. Project Success Managers are suggesting ways to improve the job posting to the client as well as helping them invite freelancers that we know will do a great job. We also have some new programs that are specifically meant to help new clients with writing descriptive overviews.


Also, if you decide to accept the invite you can ask further questions and propose the rate or budget you consider appropriate. 

~ Valeria