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Summer slow season?

Are we in slow season yet? Have you felt a slow due to graduation, vacation etc yet?

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I've gotten more invitations in the past month than I usually get in 3-6 months. And a few of them have even been relevant to my skill set and chosen field. This happened to me last spring, too, maybe in March-April instead of May. My theory is that I rotate to the top of search listings once a year. 

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I've been working 5 months on my summer body, so this slow time will be glorious at the pool when I  wear bandaids as a swimsuit and make all the moms and housewives angry. The goal is to get them to QQ on Facebook and have my friend read me all the rage as we drink delicious wine and LOL at them.

I guess that Jenn is not anticipating a slow summer season!

girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, I need to take my Upwork rage out on someone. The moms at the pool sound like easy targets.


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Tom Z wrote:

Are we in slow season yet? Have you felt a slow due to graduation, vacation etc yet?

Every summer I hope/plan for a slow season and it never comes. It seems like I'm more slammed during the summer months than any other time of the year, except perhaps December (also an allegedly slow time).

I'm incredibly slammed by an off-platform client.  Had to mark myself as unavailable.  YAY!

December is a weird month for sure. Last year I was slow the last week but as usual I was slammed that month. It's like people just throw stuff on you and go on vacation expecting to have it when they come back. And they all hit you all at once. lol

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For me, slow in money, although not in work. Big contracts appears to fade away. some clients promised me work but are very stuck in their own issues.

some times clients appear to have lives that leave one out. It makes me feel frustrated about freelancing.

I wonder if the US economy has to do with it somewhat... Horrible economy right now and plus it's summer vacation.

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It gets a little slower for me, but I have two other sideline businesses in which summer is busy, so things keep moving in other ways. 

It picks up again around August when the kiddies go back to school and mom/dad need to get their books finished.  I just roll with it. 

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