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Supply and demand in Upwork

I was thinking, is there any way to see how many clients and how many freelancer (actives) are on Upwork? And maybe  how many proposals are getting answered and projects done?


The platform is a really good market for us, freelancers, but if it doesn't attract a large amount of clients (maybe more incentives, fees reduction based on finished projects/spending) it would make that we should priced down our work, making less earnings from fees for upwork and, if there's no incentive for clients to increse de supply of work, probably less freelancers on the platform.






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The problem is that too large of a supply of freelancers drives down rates overall.  Adding in the overseas markets where people are willing to work for pennies on the dollar drives rates even lower.

All of this drives down Upworks profit margin and revenue.

Upwork has an interest in keeping rates high, as this directly impacts their bottom line.  If Upwork were to make any changes, I would be watchful of changes that reduce the number of freelancers and/or reduce the ability of those freelancers to submit proposals.  A large supply of work is good, a large supply of freelancers to do that work drives rates down.

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