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Hello ladies and gents,


My friend's account has been suspended a while ago.

Now, he has his knowledge improved and he would like to contact Upwork in order to get his suspension lifted, but he says that there is no way for him to get in touch with Upwork support team.

So he asked me to ask here for him.

Please, let me know what is the right way for him to contact you.

Thank you


Hi Jelena,


I'm sorry to hear about your friend's account. Please know that we are not able to discuss details of another user's account with you here, due to privacy concerns. Feel free to let your friend know he can reach out to us through our different support channels and our team will assist him accordingly.




Hello Andrea, 

Sure, it's understandable and i am not here to discuss his problem.
Please, can you tell me more info on how can he contact you, as he told me that he tried but without success and without any feedback.

Thank you once again,



Jelena R wrote:

Hello Andrea, 
 he told me that he tried but without success and without any feedback.

If he contacted Upwork before and got no response, that means Upwork are not interested in allowing him back. Upwork is currently drowning in freelancers, there are dramatically more than needed, and the vast majority never earn a single Dollar. Why would they be interested in adding another whom they have already decided they don't want (as the suspended him).


He could try Upwork's social media channels, but he's probably wasting his (and their) time.

Makes sense. 
He tried, but with no luck.

Thanks Petra.

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