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Support with account profile

Hello, team. 


I hope you can help me.  I am new in Upwrok, I created an account to see how it worked a few months ago, but I use my general gmail adress.  I saw it was messing up as i received many kind of emails in that account, so now that I start seriously with the freelance work, I created an specific gmail account for upwork.  Nevertheless the first account i created was the one collecting connects even if i didnt use it.  I want to know if I can transfer those connects to the new Upwork account before deleting the first one created, as I understand is against the rules to have 2 accounts. 


Thanks in advance for the help. 


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Transferring connects from one Upwork account to another is typically not allowed, and having multiple accounts can indeed be against Upwork's terms of service. Instead, I recommend the following steps:

Contact Upwork Support: Reach out to Upwork's customer support and explain the situation. Let them know that you initially created an account with your general Gmail address, but now you want to use a different account with a specific Gmail address for freelance work. They may be able to assist you in merging the two accounts or transferring any unused connects.

Close or Deactivate the Old Account: If you receive guidance from Upwork support, follow their instructions regarding closing or deactivating the old account. It's important to do this correctly and in line with Upwork's policies.

Use the New Account: Once the old account is appropriately handled, you can continue using your new account with the specific Gmail address for your freelance work on Upwork.

It's crucial to follow Upwork's policies and get their assistance to ensure that you're in compliance with their rules regarding account management and connects. Thank you.

Hi Ehsanul, thanks for your reply.  Could younplease guide me how to contact support.  I have tried but it only leads me to a AI chat in which I dont get any proper solution. 

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The information provided above is not correct. You cannot open a second account under your name, you are allowed only to have one. 

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Hello,  I need to contact any human support agent or open a ticket to solve an issue.  Could anyone please guide me how to do it as I only find the chat box which is not helpful at all. 



Hi Miros,


If this is regarding the issue you originally posted, as Elisa mentioned, having multiple accounts isn't allowed and it's a violation of the Terms of Service. I'll have one of our agents reach out to you soon via a support ticket for further assistance with this.

~ Luiggi
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