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Supporting documentation when paying taxes from Upwork payments withdrawn via Payoneer (Ukraine)

Hello! I am registered as private entrepreneur in Ukraine. My accountant says I need to provide invoices for all the payments I receive. Since I am paid by Payoneer, I need to issue an invoice to Payoneer. But I cannot get their details from Payoneer. They only agreed to provide transfer confirmations, which is not what I need. Has anyone dealt with such issue? Thanks!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Anna,


While we can't comment on the documentation that Payoneer provides, you can access Upwork invoices by clicking on the reference number next to a transaction in your Transaction History. 

Also, many freelancers in Ukraine are using wire transfer to receive their earnings and report them to tax authorities. If you ever decide to try that out, here is an article about it.

~ Valeria
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