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Survey (18%fee/Help us make Upwork Better)

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Tony H Member Since: Nov 10, 2011
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I haven't seen this either.. and i think it's absolutely rediculous. 10% is already a HUGE amount! Consider what Upwork actually has to offer and all the problems it comes with.


18% is about the same amount most people here will pay in income tax!!


All Upwork is, is a glorifed Craigslist. It's a matching service, with interesting ideas... but they don't and never have worked well. The amount of issues Upwork has actually costs me money from lost opportunity that I would normally have entertained had there been no bugs or fewer control systems in place.


We are treated as employee's of Upwork, less the legal constraints on their end. We are absolutely bound by their whims and can be 'fired' via JS score and client fraund/poor attitude. I say fired because if your profile is anything less than stellar, you may as well pack your bags and look elsewhere.


And they want to double our fees for this?


The ONE thing Upwork has to ofer that works nice is the time tracker. That's it. There is nothing else here that gives value that any other job posting board can offer. Is using a time tracker worth 18% of my income? Lol...


The service has been getting worse and worse because they are trying to be too much. They try to control too much and too innovative. Problem is, they have consistantly failed to deliver. I'd take oDesk 4 years ago in a heartbeat over the new and improved Upwork.


Charging more for a declining service is just rediculous in my view.


One the other hand, I'm very happy to hear tehy are actually asking us what we think this time.


See guys? They merge the two biggest markets to gain a monopoly, and then hike the fees to a a rate that is on par with what the government takes. If you are in that tax bracket, your $15/hr is now going to become $9-10/hr. Can you live with that? If not.. you'll have to increase your fees. But wait! Aren't client here in the first place to save money?


Thank you for posting this info, I had no idea it was happening! They seem to think if they monopolize the market, no one will ever decide to find work elsewhere and no one will ever just build a new platform that makes more financial sense for the people who pay their bills. I swear if they continue on this path, the company won't last more than a couple more years until new players enter the market.


I'd happily pay 18% (or even more!) IF... if.... there was some sort of logical value to those fees.


So my vote is NO. Thanks Smiley Happy



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David G Member Since: Oct 6, 2011
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I am just simply amazed that with the number of problems going on with this site, Upwork chooses now to send people a survey about increasing rates.


"The site doesn't work and we have a lot of problems but we're thinking about charging more for it. What do you think?"


It's silly and a waste of time and manpower that could be better spent elsewhere fixing the problems that desperately need to be fixed on this site.



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Marissa S Member Since: Feb 6, 2008
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Thanks for sharing this... wow, lots of changes happening and not that they're bug-free. Now, this.  So... if like you have a long term contract... does it mean 18% all the way until you reach $9,500?  or that 18% is a one time charge every $500 earned?  Confused  Woman Frustrated

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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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@Marissa S wrote:

Thanks for sharing this... wow, lots of changes happening and not that they're bug-free. Now, this.  So... if like you have a long term contract... does it mean 18% all the way until you reach $9,500?  or that 18% is a one time charge every $500 earned?  Confused  Woman Frustrated

I don't know if this will help anyone but I copied not only what John posted earlier but the rest of the example as a screenshot.



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Marissa S Member Since: Feb 6, 2008
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Thanks Suzanne; that helped a lot Smiley Wink

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Kirill F Member Since: Jun 14, 2015
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I'm against! 10 maximum!

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Natasa R Member Since: Feb 2, 2012
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I haven't received any survey but according to John's and Preston's posts, Upwork must have sent different surveys to different users. Regardless the mentioned fees and earnings, my answer would be categorically no. The simple answer is that there are way too many issues with Upwork to even consider higher fees. I fully agree with Tony's and other posters' opinion about this issue.

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Santiago G Member Since: Mar 10, 2015
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Hi all !!


I also received that same survey today. Right around the time I found it, the site stopped working and I couldn't see the entire top section (the navigation section). It seems to be working now.


The survey I received was showing as $100 is the first part for 18%. So my guess is they're sent based on what work you do the most here. I could be wrong and the surveys were sent completely at random.


The short version = here's something broken, let's break it some more and then charge extra. Sound like a good idea to anyone? The "here's something broken" part has been decorating these forums for quite some time now in case no one noticed.


From what I understand of it, a freelancer has to get somewhere between $100 up to $500 (based on the survey I was sent), just to get BACK to the 10% we have been paying initially. That's IF A CLIENT actually lasts that long and/or pays that much. And then 7.5% if A CLIENT gets as far as paying $10,000 (or $1,000 or whatever higher amount). Basically, if a client I have now reached $100-$500, I'm at the same fee of 10%. Anything less from a client I currently have ends up costing me MORE (18%) if whatever other work I'm doing for that same client does not reach the minimum. Whatever the reason may be for that.


If I start with a new client, I'm ALWAYS stuck starting out with that 18% fee. And it'll be stuck like that until the pay reaches the minimum. That's IF it reaches the minimum. As a writer, I'd have to write at least 10,000 words worth of articles for 1 client just to GET BACK to 10%. As pointed out by other freelancers in other lines of work, they'd have NO CHANCE of getting back to 10%.


On the side of new clients, where does this leave them other than looking for another place to find freelancers? How many new clients are being completely ignored already just because of connects? There's nothing in place to make me or anyone currently want to give them a chance. Why bother is the question on most, NOT all, freelancers minds when seeing job posts from new clients. Even if it was a real deal client looking to really spend some money for work that's needed, freelancers have no real way of knowning. Thanks "quality control". But this change indicates freelancers have to pay MORE even IF it is a real deal client. Where's the benefit to any freelancer or client?


Freelancers would have to charge more even with their current clients just to keep up. Where's the benefit to the freelancer or client (current or new)? Let's not overlook freelancers that would never mention any fee drops even if they reached the minimum prices.


All broken things considered, of which the list is large and growing, where is ANYTHING resembling a benefit to anyone other than Upwork?


And the person(s) from Upwork that sent the surveys wonder why they're seeing negative replies?!! Here's an idea, try sending me a survey that's not so easily picked apart to point out the problems. You send me a survey based on a half baked idea at best. Go figure why it gets picked apart. Easily or otherwise. It was barely a challenge to do so!!




My exact reply......


I'd either never bother attempting to get a new client or I'd outright leave. It's just not worth it as things currently stand.


The short version...... "your stuff is broken as I'm looking at it RIGHT NOW (refer to the very first ^ part I wrote in this topic). I completely fail to see anything resembling a benefit to me. Why would I pay you more"?

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Olivier P Member Since: May 25, 2015
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I did not receive the survey but :


- i think it is a really bad move now when so many problems to e solved BEFORE thinking to change business model


- it is a really big increase ! the fee grow by 80 % !!!! My god....who can afford that ?


- if they do , what happen to the jobs or contracts working increase final price for customers or decrease your net earning ? i think what is the answer  If it is that with many long contracts i have from lomgtime , i will close them with customers and think to do differently 


- we will all increase our rates and the cost for customer will increase and it will be a bad move for upwork


- it seems that upwork want to optimize very quickly ( paying connects, ...) its business model but dont understnad that this model lay on a  satisfied customer/freelancer duet. Big changes can move the lines so deeply that they can really get out of the road


And from my point of view : why i need upwork ? i need it to find NEW customers and for safety transaction . If these 2 points dont work easily the model is destroyed.

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Stephen L V Member Since: Feb 18, 2015
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Case in point as to the culture of paranoia regarding suspensions and account holds. Less than  12 hours after posting this, the only long term contract I have that would qualify has been suspended, and the funds that had already been paid but were waiting in my account for the review period will possibly not be paid to me. 


" Even if I did have a client paying me a large enough sum over time for me to meet the amount needed to only have to pay the 10% or even 7.5%, I would be terrified to have that much sitting in my Upwork account for fear that it would be held up or worse. I honestly don't see how this would benefit anyone other than Upwork and a small proportion of freelancers. Even raising my rates to compensate doesn't help me get jobs, as a client's budget is what it is. They'll just find a freelancer that is willing to work for what they will pay."


I am AWARE that technically, the funds haven't been paid yet, and that if the work diary meets all of the Payment Gaurantee qualifications, then I will get paid. But the nature of the work involved unfortunately doesn't reflect enough "activity" for the work diary to pick up. And I'm aware that if I had more hourly clients paying me more money then I wouldn't have to worry about this client. I'm also aware that if I were 6 inches taller, then I wouldn't be a short person and that if I didn't have to pay bills then I wouldn't have bills to pay.