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Survey: Do You Show Up in Search?

Dear Upwork Freelancers --


Expert Vetted Freelancer here with 100% JSS.  I am wondering if any other freelancers have a similar issue I have been struggling with for at least 4 months.  My name appears to have been de-listed in the search results.  If my name is searched specifically it shows up, however in any search for general freelancers, my name shows up literally hundreds of pages deep in the search results.  So deep in the search results that other users show up 4x before my name appears.  So deep that compeltely irrelevant users, or users with 0 completed projects show up before my name appears.  This is what I mean by de-listed.  It is as if Upwork is intentionally hiding my profile.  (Despite being Expert Vetted with $220k in earnings and 100% JSS).  


I suspect this is because I declined a few jobs this year... jobs that were specifically scams or below minimum-wage jobs.  (E.g. $10 for a video, $3 for a script jobs).  


A month ago I reached out to Upwork for help on the matter and so far nothing has been done to resolve the situation.  Upwork knows the search function is broken, but it's unclear if anything is being done about the matter.  


I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this issue of being de-listed in the search results?    What strategies do you recommend to actually appear in search resutls, so you receive invitations?  


Thank you! - 



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Hi, it's irrelevant but first of all, I must say that your profile is impressive.

About your question, I read somewhere that Upwork's searching machine won't work correctly when we use our own accounts to search for ourselves.

Thanks for the kind words!  


In various attempts last year, I found my own profile via search within the first 5-15 pages of results.  Now it shows up 200-300 pages deep.   Last year I was invited to projects frequently (70-80 invites within a 90 day span) and now I am rarely invited to any projects.  When I am invited, it's a blatant scam.


So I am confident something is wrong with Upwork search...



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