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Suspect Client


A few days ago I accepted an offer. It is my first job here on UpWork and I have a problem.


Before accepting the offer, I discussed with the client about the job requirements and it was pretty clear for me. When I started to work on the project, the client changed his requirements and moved the discussion on dropbox.  I did not receive any money from him and I want to end the contract because he is so suspicious and I don't want to have a bad experience with him. 

Can you tell me please if I end the contract (0.00$ paid) - my profile will be affected somehow?

Thank you!

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I'm sorry this has happened to you and it's not your fault. However, I believe a non-paid contract will affect your JSS a little. 


It once happened to me. I accepted the offer, had the files in place, then a few hours later, the client was like, "hey, can you sort all the formulas in an Excel sheet instead for me, I have someone else now to do the editing." I was hired to edit a Word document. I don't know anything about Excel formulas. So bizarre, but it does happen. 

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