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Suspended Profile of My Friend

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Asim N Member Since: Sep 15, 2017
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Hello to the community memebers, 

One of my friend got his profile suspended and here is the story:

"I hope anyone who is reading this would be doing well.

It is stated that I have got my account on hold, from the past few months, and I was a bit occupied in my personal matters which is why I was unable to put my case properly and in detail, which is why I decided to write my store and reach out to people who I might get help from as I personally think the Trust and Safety Team is doing UNJUST and I deserve a chance to work on Upwork.

Before I move forward with writing this email, let me clearly state the I am fully aware of Upwork policies and I have read all the material Upwork is been updating here on below links since I joined Upwork in 2016.

The accepted job in question on my profile through which the Upwork Trust and Safety Team is stating that a policy is been violated because of feedback extortion, was not the first job with this client of mine, it was just a milestone for the website migration, after I successfully complete the site for the client on my local (personal, but not on my properly) server and client approved everything.

Since the milestone was offered for the server migration ONLY (stated in attachment name "Upwork Proof 01" my point 1) I was about to migrate the site from my local server to the client's server but unfortunately my local (personal, but not on my property) server crashed due to some technical reasons and I lost the client's website.

After loosing the client's website, I informed him through Upwork as I was not communicating with the client outside of Upwork that I will develop a new website without any cost for him, he consent.

I did developed a fully functional website for the client and sent the credentials to the client after migrating it on his server.
In this process I had an accident and was on bed which is why I could not complete this client's website on time and was informing through Upwork about the situation, from time to time, I did ignored the fact that he was also reaching me out on my personal email.
In the mean time he reported me to Upwork as I was violating any Upwork policies the store of that is in Request #22802364 of my profile and I started communicating with him via Upwork again.

In the above scenario, client's requirements got changed and I was afraid that one more email from this client could place my account on hold, which is why I did what I could while receiving the instructions from him via my personal email which was most of the design changes and a few major changes in the displaying of search results on the website.

Well, everything went along and I completed the website for the client, migrated his domain of which I did not charged him anything for it (stated in attachment name "Upwork Proof 02" my point 3)
but after the client saw the admin panel of his new WordPress site, he told me the back end looks differently, because it was built in a different page builder and the process of adding more records was different than his previous site.

I requested the client I will give him a proper video which will train him how to add records in the site (stated in attachment name "Upwork Proof 01" my point 4) after he will close the job on Upwork and give me a positive review/feedback but he did not consent.

At this time I was also afraid of him giving me a bad review/feedback which would have hurt my profile as I was on my way to be a top rated freelancer for the 2nd time on Upwork and I was being careful and for once I really wanted to get this job closed on my profile so that I could concentrate on other clients and jobs because I worked really long hours on a single website for this client which I built for the 2nd time and for which the client paid pennies to get it done.

The client did not wanted to close the job and give me a feedback and then I decided to end the contract and I gave the client a 5 star review/feedback and told him to give me a review/feedback as and whatever suits him and finds best for him (stated in attachment name "Upwork Proof 03" my point 5).

While giving the review/feedback he did wrote "Project took longer than anticipated to be completed but in the end Shah did complete and delivered the project done to specifications." and I got 3 stars on my profile.

And after that he accepted that the review/feedback was not under pressure and it reflected the current circumstances (stated in attachment name "Upwork Proof 03" my point 06).

Which directly means that I was not under violation of any Upwork policies.

Furthermore, let me highlight what client did:
1. When the job description changed after I lost the server and decided to develop a new website for the client, he did not award me another job, even with $ 5 USD, which technically and according to the rules he was under obligation for.
2. Client contacted me out of the Upwork unlimited number of times before he got to the support in the first place, which I did told the support in the ticked Request #22802364.
3. Client changed the requirements and I did what I could without informing the support, considering that the project could go into dispute and God know how it would turn out for my profile I was afraid of informing support, I agree I made a mistake by not informing the support in the first place.
4. Client was asking for the work which was not even in the job description that he would like to get trained on how to add the records in the site in the first place, as he did not even cared to award me another project due to the requirements have been changed, and the milestone was only for migrating the site to his server (stated in attachment name "Upwork Proof 03" my point 06), which I successfully did.
5. MOST IMPORTANT ONE! Client accepted that the review was based purely on his will and not under pressure and under the current circumstances: means without receiving the training video (stated in attachment name "Upwork Proof 03" my point 06), he did accepted the fact in our personal communication on WhatsApp, I have also attached the screenshot of our conversation and the client's mobile number for proof.

The things I have been referring to in the attached images are available in the conversation with the client that I had through Upwork messages, I just added the WhatApp chat history of our communication just so that I could prove a point that no policy is been violated as Upwork Trust and Safety Team is been starting.

My personal thoughts were when I was communicating with this client that he is not asking me for something that I agreed to and under any obligation, which is why I asked him to give me a review, yes I did asked him to give me a positive review, but ultimately he did not give me the review I wanted, he gave me the review as he was happy with which he accepted as well (stated in attachment name "Upwork Proof 03" my point 06).

I have a number of reasons to ask for lifting a hold from my account such as:
This is my profile JSS in Client's Satisfaction:
12-month earnings                                              $14,366
Clients who would recommend you                       79%
Long-term clients                                                   45%
Recent account holds                                             1
Top Rated eligible weeks                                       16 of 16
I have only been put on permanent hold because of the above case, but in 3 long yearsI have never violated the rules and terms of Upwork, because I am educated and I know how Upwork works and how I am expected to react to jobs and my clients.
My Top Rated eligible weeks are complete since a month.

I have never ripped off client for good feedback instead I left the ball in the client's court for this job as well, which means I knew what I will get IF I pressurized him for the feedback, I just requested a couple of times and left him to do what suits him best.

I am here to request everyone who can help me out in this regard as I have been treated in a bad manner and trust and safety team is playing with my income and my profile, I still have clients on Upwork, I have established long term relationships from this platform which lasted for years and still are.

I am a professional and I know how to work with clients and have been doing since 2016 but this job turned out to be a terrible experience for me, as I am not even blaming the client but myself that I should have informed the support before everything escalated and I got my profile on hold.

Here is what the Upwork Trust and Safety Team is stating in one of their response: 


**Edited for community guidelines**


Any or all the help would be appriciated. 

Thank you so much for reading this far. 


Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Asim,


Unfortunately, we won't be able to discuss your friend's account status in the Community.  I checked and saw that our team has provided all the available information about their account status in a ticket.


Thank you.

~ Bojan
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Asim N Member Since: Sep 15, 2017
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Trust and Safety Team is doing unjust with my friend he wants you to read
the whole story and review his profile.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Asim N wrote:
Trust and Safety Team is doing unjust with my friend he wants you to read
the whole story and review his profile.


Frankly, I read the whole story and your friend "lost" a client's website, then got ill and had to stay in bed, then tried to trade work for good feedback.

He was told that the decision was final, was reviewed, is still final, permanent and that no further communication will be entered into. Game over.


You need to get yourself disintangled before he drags you down with him.


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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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Don't forget the part where he loses the website files, offers to redo it to make up for it, and then complains that the client broke Upwork rules by not creating another contract to compensate him at least $5. lolololololol

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Not everyone is meant to be an Upwork freelancer. That's okay!

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Farid Ahammed B Member Since: May 30, 2016
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I have read full story,  Your friend has provided great services to the clients at upwork, but he had problem with this client.


We all should review client history before taking any project and also make sure to have that capability to finish, even we can be sick or any issues, better to share with client always.