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Suspended account because of conflict with client


Please, colleagues! I wanna tell you about a conflict, that was between me and one client. Maybe, you will help me or this situation will help you in future to avoid mistakes, that I made.


I tried a lot of freelance systems and I must say that Upwork is really best. Interesting tasks, a lot of work and clever customers. My first clients (about 5-10) in Upwork were really professional. They gave me clear instructions, we correct some details and when I finished my work they paid me full payment (sometimes with unexpected bonuses!), thanking me and rated me high (only 5 stars). My rating was 5 stars and every week I got interesting offers.


But after this, I met one strange client 😞 Working with this woman was like a madness. Her project cost only 5 dollars, but her instructions changed repeatedly a day. She made several mistakes in her task and because of this I changed this project several times. After all our partnership she gave me 5 dollars (no extra payment for fixing her mistakes), but it wasn't a problem.


I really was surprised when I saw "4 stars" from her in my rating. She was the first, who rated me 4 stars. I was upset, I lost best offers, but I didn't take offense. I told myself that If I will work hard my rating become high again.


But in a few monthes she wrote me again and asked to change old project once again. I answered that her undeserved low rating for my profile in Upwork damaged my career in freelance. I explained my position and offered change old rating if she understand that she wasn't allowed in our partnership. After this she wrote to Upwork Help Center and my account was suspended. All my requests is rejecting by Upwork and my account is suspended now.


Of course, I violated Upwork policies. My fault is 100%, but maybe Upwork can forgive me for the first time? Maybe some of us have similar story?



Community Guru

If she came back to you for a project (even if it was apparently "old") then was it a sign that she wanted to re-establish an "old" relationship (I mean client-freelancer relationship) with you?  One of my "old" clients came back to train me harder.  I feel grateful that he didn't give up on me. Smiley Happy

Ace Contributor

Thanks for the warning. I have a similar client who keeps coming back to me with new proposals after giving me 4.6. 


My advice to you is raise your rate significantly in your profile. You've proven yourself with the jobs you've completed successfully. Be selective and pursue higher paying jobs from now on. 


I hope your account is restored soon. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Artem,


The team has reviewed your account and it was resumed. Please, review Upwork ToS once more to make sure you don't violate them in the future.

~ Valeria
Community Guru

Call me crazy, but I don't think a 4 star rating is that bad and definitely not something that would totally damage your freelancing career. When clients rate you, 4 stars is considered "excellent" and many clients don't understand the weight of these ratings. Plus, I would expect honest profiles to have some ratings between 4-5 stars. 


I'm also a bit confused as to what you did that violated the TOS. Did you tell her you would make the changes only if she changed the feedback?

I have no idea what happened with regards to the original poster's case.



Any contractor who complains to a client about a 4 star feedback deserves to,have their account suspended.

@Maria A wrote:


I'm also a bit confused as to what you did that violated the TOS. Did you tell her you would make the changes only if she changed the feedback?

 $5 job. Probably terrible quality. Client said "you missed something" or wanted a fix and he basically said "Nope not doing it unless you give me 5 stars."  That can get you into trouble. Blackmail for ratings basically.

Community Guru

Artem, no one can ruin your reputation or career better than yourself. She didn't ruin your freelance career with the 4-star rating. She even said she's happy. You can't force all clients to give you 5 stars! You will have more clients that give you unfair feedback. I promise you that. Get used to it. You were entering into a bargain with a client, so that's the biggest problem. For a stupid rating!!


Do you know how many people I've seen who have 1-star ratings all over their profiles? And they keep getting jobs!! I have seen bad feedback, and your 4-star is not bad feedback. 3 star and below is really nasty. But 4? Not worth agruing and bargaining with the client. Or if you don't want it displayed on your profile, at least refund the $5. It's not a big loss anyway.

Community Leader
I for one don't agree that your account should be re-instated. Gaming of ratings is an ethics issue. Ethics are very important to me and other hardworking professionals on this platform. The quote below sums it up for me.

ETHICS: Doing the right thing when no one is watching.
Community Guru

Artem - When an "old" client comes back to you after they've given you 4 stars, and wants to work with you again for just $5.00 (or any amount) you have to ask yourself - What's more important to me, my 5 star rating or money.


If it's your star ratings, then all you have to do is tell this client that your schedule is too busy to fit her in. Or just be totally honest, and say no, I'm not interested in completing your project and end it at that. No bargaining that you'll work only if they give you 5 stars. By the way, there's NO guarantee that after the work is submitted that they will give you those 5 stars. They may ding you for proposing those terms, And you just do not know what type of feedback that they leave for you in PRIVATE even if they give you those 5 PUBLIC stars.


And if money is the more important thing, then just accept her rates and her requirements and accept the job no matter how many stars you may get after it's done.


As for your rates, raise them otherwise you will attract cheap clients that will never be satisfied with the results of your work and therefore will always be giving you less stars both public and private.