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Suspended account with no further details


I'm writing this topic as a help for my freelancer friend who can not post any topics, for now,

he got the "New Topic" button disabled. Anyway, here is a clear brief about the problem he is facing: He has a completed job with 5 stars review, his account it successfully ID verified, but he is getting this message after signing in "Your account has been suspended. Please contact customer support." and the "contact customer support" link is automatically redirecting him to the Job Feed page. He tried different browsers and platforms, disabled all ad-block extensions, allowed all site settings, but there was no change in the behavior.

Please notice that he checked his email multiple times and didn't forget to take a look at the spam folder but, there were no messages or notification emails about this suspension. Because of this suspension, he can't apply any contracts or something. Is there any clarification about this? I can provide you the link to his Upwork profile if needed.


Thanks in advance.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ahmed,


Unfortunately, we are unable to discuss the details of another user's account with you for privacy reasons. Please let your friend know to reach out to us on any official Upwork social media channels and one of our team members will assist them further. You can find the direct links in the footer section of the Community as shown in this screenshot.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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