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Suspension not lifted after assurance email of suspension lift

Hi, I hope this message you finds you all well and good.

I am soliciting on behalf of my younger brother (**Edited for Community Guidelines**)
His account was suspended October 6, 2023.

He was asked to re-verify his identity and location which he did and it was verified (he received an Email saying they’ve verified his location & identity and I that if his account was suspended, that it has being lifted) but it’s being weeks now and the suspension has not being lifted on his account.
The lift has not still reflected on his account.

Please kindly look into this issue. I’ve sent mail to support but there haven’t being any response.
This is why I am posting this on his behalf since he can’t post either using his account because of the suspension.

Please help look into this.
He has clients and on-going projects that he needs to complete.
Let me know what details you need for my brother’s account to proceed.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Ajao Elijah Ifeoluwa

Community Member

Hi Ajao,


I'm sorry to hear about your brother's account. Please remember that for privacy and security reasons, we won't be able to discuss another user's account. Please refer them to the support ticket sent by our support team and ask them to update it if they have further questions or concerns; they'll surely assist them accordingly. They may also find the support ticket sent to them via email.


~ Arjay
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