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Suspicion on Client

So, I got a gig. Yay.


I like the person, and things seem straightforward. They give me work, and I do it. Right?


Anyway, we are developing a repor and I like were things are going. Then they ask me to do a little extra work. No problem. Happy to get things to work out.


Now here is the kicker.


They just sent me a plagiarism thing. Copyscape. In it, they say what I was doing is too similar to what I wrote. I was confused, as it looked like the original document I had been sent. So I ask if they had used the original. They are like, oops. Fix it, and I start again.


It still links to the original.


Does Copyscape show you the website of the text it matches? Cause I get the feeling my client ripped it off of a website, and is hiring me to rewrite it.


I didn't sign up for this, and I am sick cause I was happy to have consistent work.

What do I do? Report this? Or what? Just stop? Idk, I am more or less new here.

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I don't believe there are any legit "rewriting" jobs. Who needs rewriting? Only people who steal content from the internet. 

I don't think it's worth your time to investigate this, find the owner of the original website, verify who your client is, and so on. I would end the contract.

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You can likely verify if it's taken from another site if you copy/paste a portion in a Google search. Regardless, I think your instinct is probably correct. I'd directly but politely let him know that this is an ethical issue for your freelance business and close the contract.

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Ben: If you are not a spinner or rewriter, it is not necessary for you to work on a client's project if that is what the project entails. There is an endless supply of other freelancers available who are willing to do that sort of work.

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