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 Hi everyone,


I have a little issue that i can't solve after one month being here on Upwork (Newbie and proud Smiley Wink) ; 

A potential client dissappeared for over two weeks now after interviewing me and asking me to transcribe and translate 6 minutes of a video to test my skills (which i sadly did! Smiley Frustrated).. when i checked his profile i saw that he already interviewed 22 other persons and none was hired, even his work history and feedback were good and he didn't seem to be a scam..

Bottom line; Should i report him, or wait for another month or probably two?.. the time he gets up from his long nap! Smiley Mad

Another thing, i would like to have some views about my profile; is it good enough, is there something i should improve or change.. i welcome all your remarks.


Thank you in advance.


The client was able to trick enough people into translating 6 minutes of the video that now the entire translation is complete. Report it.

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The client was able to trick enough people into translating 6 minutes of the video that now the entire translation is complete. Report it.

The client got over 2 hours of video transcribed for free.

Hello Malek,


you could probably report the client. If communication and file transfer was done through the platform, Upwork could see whether the client gave different files to different freelancers. If Upwork wants to investigate that sort of issue.


I work in transcription and translation, and in some instances provide free samples. However, the samples I give are much smaller and handled in a way that they only demonstrate skills and can't really be used for anything other than that.


My guess is that you also underestimated the worth of what you were giving as a sample. 6 minutes of transcription+translation is worth between $30 and $90 or more.

Hi Sandra,


Yes fortunately everything was done through the platform, and i have enough evidence against him to report him.

6 minutes are worth $30 to $90!.. Now i'm shocked! he was offering $50 for an hour of transcription + translation! 

I knew it was a small amount but i thought maybe it was okay because I'm a newcomer and I don't have a huge work history!.. but now after reconsidering it i know i was wrong Smiley Embarassed Smiley Embarassed

Hello Malek,


of course it depends on the language pair (different market rates for different languages) and aspects like transcription/translation style.


If you don't mind me asking - how long did those 6 minutes take you? Did you translate directly or transcribe the source file first and then translate?

Well to be honest, it took me two hours in total, i transcribed the source file first and then translated it..

It was from UK English to French.

I know it's slow compared to the norms of the industry, but I'm not fast in transcription and still a beginner and I also don't have any transcription nor translation software.. all manual.

I wouldn't call that slow 🙂 Transcription software would most likely be helpful, how about the free Express Scribe for starters? It's really hard to judge this kind of stuff beforehand, even if you can sample the file beforehand. Are the speakers doing 50 words per minute, or 200, and will the translation be fluffy or require research, that sort of thing.


Even if the outcome of this client experience wasn't good compensationwise, maybe use the file and word count to evaluate pricing a bit more?

Hello Sandra, 


Yes I agree with you.

Thanks for your advice, I just downloaded Express Scribe (the free version).

I even thought about displaying the work in my potfolio.. I guess I have the right to do that since it was a scam.


And i thought back then that he kept interviewing people simply because he couldn't find the best fit for the job! Smiley Sad

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Malek,


Please, flag the job post as "Asking for free work." The team will review and take actions. Also, in the future always make sure you have an active job under My Jobs tab before you do any work for the client.


Thank you.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria,


That's what I exactly did! I flagged and then reported him with screenshots of our discussion.