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Suspicious Translation Job

I have some doubts about a job on Upwork.

I was contacted by an agency outside last week for a big translation project with a great payment ($75/1000 words), totaling $7000. This job has been posted in many different language pairs as well on Upwork. I was requested to do a test with a strict deadline and another two tests afterward around 800 words. We had agreed on terms and the starting date, but I was rejected in one week after they kept delaying the starting date. I was told my translation did not meet their standards, but I referred to the translated website of the topic of the project when I did the translation. And to be honest, it is not some challenging or complicated content.

There is something that raises my attention,


-Although I asked for it, no detailed feedback was provided for the tests; I was ignored 

-The starting date was delayed many times;

-A lot of people apply for these jobs on Upwork, but no one was hired yet;


Will some shed light on this matter? I really appreciate any help since I feel so disappointed with this experience. Thank you. 

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Yue M wrote:

I have some doubts about a job on Upwork.

I was contacted by an agency outside last week

Were you asked to do the "test" on Upwork or outside of Upwork? On Upwork, the client is not allowed to ask for tests, and 800 words is way beyond "a test"

Thank you so much for responding to me. I noticed you answered similar questions before. You must have been hearing a lot of things like this. 


These tests were conducted outside of Upwork through email. I guess that is the reason why they did not contact me through Upwork. 


I assumed they used my work already and there is nothing I can do to stop it now. 


Thank you again for the help. 

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