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TAX details Update india

I started doing tech freelancing here on upwork. I have a business entity setup where I am the authorized signatory. I want to update these details on my upwork account. But the issue is that the name of the entity is of course not my verified name (because the entity has its own name and not my name), but I am listed as a beneficiary/nominee/authorized signer on the entity. 

I am from India. 

Please help me update my details.


Hi Yashvardhan,


Thank you for your message. If you have a company and you would like to report your earnings through the company PAN, you have the option to add the company name and PAN details on the Tax Information page. Our team may reach out to you if they need additional information. 


- Pradeep


Can I add an HUF where I am a co-signer on the bank account and also a co-signer on the comapny?

When adding an HUF PAN, the name on the HUF PAN must match the legal name on the Upwork account.


- Pradeep


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