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THEFT OF SERVICE - WATCH OUT FOR **Edited for Community Guidelines**

I just wanted to warn everyone about clients on here who hire you to do the work and then fail to pay regardless if they approve the work or not officially or unofficially.  I have a client who has published my work he hired me to do and is still refusing to pay for the landing page I designed and the social media campaign.    His goal was to get 3000 memberships sold in less than 2 days on facebook alone when he didn't have any presence on social media what so ever.  He also has done this to another designer and failed to pay them as well because in his ill thought, he believes the design guarantees sales regardless of circumstances and 3000 sales in less than 48 hours and memberships to boot.  Once can clearly that this individual has very little business sense.  THIS CLIENT IS **Edited for Community Guidelines**   PLEASE BE CAREFUL.  WE WORK HARD FOR OUR MONEY.

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If this was a fixed price contract and you used the "Submit Work" button, your money will be released in 14 days unless the client disputed.  If it was hourly and you had proper memos, your money will be released. I don't understand your issue.


BTW - don't bother posting his name as that is against the TOS and will be redacted pretty quickly.

If he mentioned 3000 sales in two days prior to your accepting his offer, assuming there *was* an offer, then you shouldn’t have accepted the job.
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Judith - For a fixed rate job - Was this client's financial account verified?

Did the client FULLY fund Escrow?

Did you submit work by clicking on the Submit Work/Release Payment button?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then the funds in escrow will automatically be released to you in 14 days (unless the client disputes that request.)


If this was an hourly job,

Was the clients financial account verified?

Did you use Tracker?

Did you include notes on the screen shots Tracker took?

Then you will be paid the following Monday.


Otherwise, you will not be paid. If so, you might want to contact the site's host provider with a DMCA notice/form and have your content taken down.


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