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THis sucks

so i got this email from upwork customer support or wateve say'n and

i quote **Edited for Community Guidelines**

ohh and it gets interesting and bare with me and she saysn

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

nah u dont understand a thing Smiley Sadlike any one who can relate to this pls

and other thing is this

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

why am i getn a temporay block, why like am a freelance duh!!!!

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Abenezer,

I`m sorry about the inconvenience this had caused you. 
Please post all of your questions on the ticket created for you and our team will answer and assist you further.
We can`t discuss private details publicly in the community.

~ Goran

okay sir 

first of all its not private i just told u that my client went off platform and directly to their bank to reverse the payments made to me . so is there any solution to this cause the upwork customer support didn't seems to care....

any solutions?

@Abenezer A wrote:

any solutions?



Hi Abenezer,


I can see that the team has already explained all the details of the issue you have with your client via your open ticket.

You may post further questions on your open ticket as we will be unable to discuss the details of the issue here in the community.

~ Goran
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